About us

We live on a farm in the back of Waimanalo and are connecting our lifestyles on the ‘aina (land) and in the water with supporting local business & education in the food industry. Our hope is to work together with youth, community members and local business owners to share, learn and buy food, products & services that support our Sweet Home. We’ll be featuring local, sustainably-oriented businesses at our rustic, convenient location.

Over the next several months you’ll see some landscaping and build-outs being done to help make us more self-sufficient. For example, we’ll be planting banana and papaya trees for our smoothies as well as herbs, salad greens and edible flowers to make meals that are delicious, nutritious, beautiful and as fresh as it gets.

There’s lots of fun ahead! Feel free to drop in to chat and grab a bite, a drink or a shovel.


The Sweet Home Ohana